Rex Oil Company has been fueling homes in the Piedmont and Triad Areas since 1932. Our courteous, safe drivers will deliver heating oil to your home when you need it. You can pay for your oil when the driver delivers it or you can set up an account with us and pay by the month.

Rex Oil Company offers its Residential Heating Oil Customers a Keep Fill Package. This package takes the worry out of running out of oil. What would be worse than running out of oil on the coldest day of the winter?



How It Works
Fuel is consumed for heating based on how cold the weather has been and for how long. Knowing this, we can estimate when to deliver fuel to a customer. This system is based on a unit called a Degree Day.

What Is A Degree Day?
It's any day during which the average temperature falls below 65ยบ. The number of degrees difference between 65 and the average temperature (for example: 45) are called Degree Day Units (in this case 65 minus 45 = 20). Using a formula based on the size of your tank, your average oil usage, and the current weather we can estimate your oil delivery so that your furnace will not run out of oil and leave you out in the cold or you can just call in to the office when you want us to make a delivery to you. You can email requests for prices or delivery to Mary Lynn Nance at marylynnn@rexoil.com or marciah@rexoil.com.